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Are you over age 40, already wearing contact lenses, or want to wear contact lenses, and having a hard time with your near vision?
Our new bifocal contact lenses may be your answer!
The new contact lenses are high-performance, monthly lenses for people needing bifocals. This new technology in lens material provides high oxygen performance to keep your eyes white and healthy. The material holds water within the lens making it naturally wet, soft and resistant to dehydration or protein deposits. Meanwhile, the Balance Progressive Technology lens design delivers excellent vision at any distance – near, far, and intermediate.

For a ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL of these new soft contact lenses specially designed for patients in need of a bifocal, please call our office at 402.475.9113 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Powell or Dr. Gildersleeve. You must have had an eye exam within the past twelve months to be eligible for this special offer, or we will need to examine your eyes prior to the contact lenses trial week.

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