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Modern Eye Exams

Our exams are informative, efficient and thorough. You will not feel rushed. We utilize the best technology to educate our patients so they feel empowered to make informed decisions regarding their eye health and visual solutions. Our office invests in equipment that makes the exam process shorter, more accurate, and less invasive. Most routine eye care can be done without eye drops or air puffs. This allows for more time with your doctor, a thorough exam summary with clear recommendations and treatment plans, and better overall experience and outcome.

Contact Lenses

Contacts are a great option for athletes and those with an active lifestyle. Learning to wear contacts can free you from being reliant on glasses in many situations. This allows for a much more flexible lifestyle. Our prices are very competitive and most lenses we offer come with large rebates on annual supplies.

  • Daily wear options

  • Extended wear materials

  • Medical contact lens management for Kerataconus, high prescriptions, and other disorders

  • Multifocal options to lessen the need for reading glasses or bifocals

  • Colored options available to change your look

Eye Wear

Come experience our Vision Lounge and have a knowledgable Vision Consultant style you in modern eyewear that includes the best quality frames and innovative lens options to make you see and look your best. We have many frames that can be tailored to your style and visual needs.

  • Large frame selection
  • Advanced lens options at reasonable prices
  • Sunglasses with or without prescription

Advance Dry Eye Management

Do your eyes constantly feel dry, burning, or gritty? Are your contacts dry and itchy? Do your eyes look red and feel sore after hours on a digital device? You may suffer from dry eye. Dry eye is a complex progressive disease and the treatment can often involve much more than supplemental artificial tears in order to be successful. We offer personalized, problem-focused dry eye exams aimed at identifying the unique type of dry eye a patient is suffering from. This allows therapy and management plans to be much more effective.

  • Artificial tears and lifestyle recommendations
  • Prescription drop options
  • TearCare therapy to enhance the effectiveness of your natural tears and preserve future function
  • Eyelid therapy
  • At home maintenance
  • Bandage contact lenses

Neurolens Assessment and Dispensing

Headaches, migraines, neck pain, back tension, eye strain, and digital eye fatigue can all be significantly reduced and often eliminated with Neurolens. We offer a simple questionnaire followed by an easy 3 minute test to determine if this technology is right for you. Neurolenses are prescription lenses made just for your eyes that go beyond sharp vision by using contoured prism to keep your eyes in alignment, and bring relief to your daily routine. Don’t let constant headaches hold you back from living your best life. See if this technology is right for you.

Children's Vision

During the early years children develop many different visual skills and learn how to see the world clearly. Good eye health and clear vision is crucial in order to have a strong visual system. We must be able to see clearly, comfortably, and accurately in order to perform well in school and develop necessary life skills. Good vision is also a must for youth sports and activities. We recommend getting your kids eyes checked early on in the developmental process and then once per year as they progress through school. We work with a great team of pediatric specialists if advanced care is needed.

Emergency Eye Care

At Eyes On Lincoln we strive to be available when you need us the most. If you have sudden visual changes or eye pain it can be very scary and debilitating. This will drive a patient to quickly want answers. Thats why we do our best to offer:

  • Emergency Office Visits to manage new symptoms, eye infections, or injuries
  • Contact lens replacement
  • Foreign body removal
  • Large referral network for advanced eye care needs
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